Emerald City=>Header=>Header Settings. The two types of navbar — standard (solid background) and alternate (transparent to color on scroll and changing logo) — can be set by the template you choose when creating a page. The logos and brand text can be added at Emerald City=>Site Identity.

The global navigation bar options at Emerald City=>Header=>Header Settings include:

  1. Flat Transparent Navbar. If you want to use pages with the alternate header, select this option. In other cases, this will create a continuously transparent navigation bar.
  2. Fixed Navbar. This option fixes the navbar to the top of the viewport and keeps it there as the user scrolls.
  3. Sticky Navbar. This option makes the navbar sticky. This means the navbar acts like a scrolling element until it reaches a predetermined offset, at which point it becomes fixed. This behavior gives the navbar the “sticky” effect.
  4. Navbar Box Shadow. Select to add a box shadow to the navbar.
  5. Navbar Button. This option adds a button to the navbar. The Navbar Button Text and Link can be added as well.
  6. Menu Padding Left and Right. You can add padding, in rem, to the menu.

The Standard Navbar has a solid background color, which is set in the theme dashboard at Emerald City=>Colors=>Navbar Background Color.