Thank you for choosing the Emerald City Theme.

After installing and activating your theme, you can have your site set up in just a few easy steps.

  1. Review and activate bundled plugins. Go to Plugins=>Installed Plugins and see a notice to install required plugins. Only one plugin, the Emerald City Custom Post Types, is required, in order for the Team Member, Portfolio and Testimonial components to function correctly. All other bundled plugins are optional.
  2. Visit the Emerald City Dashboard. Go to Emerald City in the WordPress Dashboard menu panel. From the Emerald City Dashboard, you can access documentation, support and other resources. In the WordPress menu, you’ll also see the following theme options pages.
    • Site Identity. In this options page, you can add your site logo, contact, location and hours information. The logo you upload is used in the main navigation. The information you enter here is used for the Contact component.
    • Header. The Header Settings page features styling choices for the navigation bar. You can select a transparent background, fixed positioning, box shadow and menu padding.
    • Footer. The Footer Settings page includes options for a custom copyright line, social media icons, margin and padding.
    • Fonts. The Font Selector allows you to select from over 100 curated Google Fonts families for all headings, paragraph and body text. Settings include font size selector for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, as well as font-weight.
    • Colors. Set colors for header, footer, buttons, and single posts. Because Emerald City uszes components, you can typically set separate font colors within the components.
    • Global Options. These include custom headlines for the standard home page and the related posts component in single posts.
  3. Create your first page. Go to Pages=>Add New. To use Emerald City Components, in the Document Settings panel, go to Template and select either Components with Standard Navbar or Components with Alternate Navbar. The Component Builder will appear at the bottom of your window. Tap the button, “Add Component Section.” From the menu that displays, select the component you’d like to add. The Component Builder Section will display and you can add your content and settings. You can continue adding components in this manner until you’re satisfied with your page. You can arrange components as you like on the page. To grab a component section, just hover over the title bar, click and hold your mouse when the move icon appears. You can also duplicate or delete each section. When you done, click “Publish” or “Update.”
  4. Create your first post. Go to Posts=>Add New. In addtion to the standard WordPress blocks, you’ll see panels for Post Options and a Post Video. Post Options include a custom excerpt, which will override your standard excerpt; subhead, which will appear underneath your title on the post and any slides; text for an accessible Read More link; and a selector for any Related Posts.
  5. Add your first Team Member. Go to Team Members=>Add New. You’ll find fields for the team member’s biographical information and image as well as social media links. The team members added will automatically appear in the Team Members component.
  6. Add your first Portfolio item. Go to Portfolio Items=> Add New. Add you content as normal in WordPress. The featured image is used in the Portfolio Gallery component.
  7. Add your first Testimonial. Go to Testimonials=> Add New. Here you can add the content of testimonials as well as a custom image for the Testimonals Carousel component.

You’re on your way! Visit the documentation or contact support for any questions you have, and to learn more about the possibilities of the Emerald City Theme.